Singapore Tripy~

Yesterday Ah Soon, ING and I went to Singapore~ yoohoo!!!

But this time we just focus on Orchard part.

At first we took the breakfast at Ananas (the Nasi lemak tasted bad compare to 1st time, because the dishes do not serve hot at all)

Then Ah Soon brought a pair of Nike LeBron Zoom Soldier II sport shoes and a bag at Wisma Atria, very nice design and the price also very 'good'. Next stop, we moved to Takashimaya.

There is A MAD MAD sales for 'A Shoes & Bags Affair'. I thought that I can find myself a nice shoes in here. But after I walked around the fair, I felt so dizzy.....toooooooo many things and all the shoppers there took the stuffs like free of charge, perhaps the price is consider super duple cheap for them (but not for me). There are a lot of branded stuffs, like CK, DKNY, Bonia, and more......some even discount up to 70%- 80%, damn crazy!!

This pic shows a small part only

We took our lunch at Takashimaya food court

my lunch = lemon chicken rice (S$ 3.50 = RM8.40) I start appreciate price of food in Malaysia (T-T)

We shopped in few malls.....

Some random photos:

Wall with Pasta models

3 storey CD, DVD, games, magazines shop

Old Chang Kee stall, the Mushroom O' puff taste really nice

Orchard road

And NEXT.......

M A C A R O N S (Macaroons)!!!!! They are so colourful and cute. I always spot these tiny little cute thing everytime I walk passed Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie shop.

Finally Ah Soon brought a box of macaroons for us......Weeeeeee~
Taste nice and sweet, love it~ special thanks to Ah Soon, because finally I can taste the macaroon =D
Ah Soon told us that this tiny macaroon can brings the feeling of love (恋爱的感觉), damn funny....LOL

Gelatissimo Ice Cream....(Fly to heaven~)
Once again, thanks a million to Ah Soon treat us such yummy ice cream~

Banana ice cream [Mine =D]

Chocolate ice cream [ING]

Kiwi [Ah Soon]
Alaska bear:'AARRrrrr, I wanna eat also!!!' (Ah Soon Idea...LOL)

I brought myself a new charm charm again, wine opener (but this charm really DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! S$5.90 = RM14.16, and the fuck up thing is it is made by Plastic!!! WTF!!!) T-T

The most angry and fuck up thing is because of some stupid idiot workers in Malaysia Kastam......AAARRRRRR!!!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!! Fxxk you all this stupid idiot!!!

Because of them, spoiled our happy mood!!! FXXK OFF!!! *fired up*

Ish!!!! *jumping up and down!!*

Anyways, special thanks to Ah Soon that treated us such nice and delicious food =)


老驴 said...


Devella said...

need to wait for mega sales season....LOL

Princess living in reality... said...

I wan go buy shoes n bags!!! Ahhh....

Devella said...

LOL...too many stuff there, hard to choose....LOL

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