During my workshop class, we need to use all kind of machines to create our model....

machine to refine the round shape (model: EE)

rounder, can fillet the side, drill hole and more....(model: Jamil)

Sanding machine....(model: Shirlynn and unknow)

In the laboratory, wood dust all over the place.

And I'm so 'Lucky'!!!! The wood dust dropped into my eye, in the end Ah Fook sent me to Pusat kesihatan (Uni clinic)

The nurse used the water to clean my eye....scary.....

Fortunately that wood dust gone....phew~

The asked for my matrix card for write my name in paper which need to send to pharmacy department.

I found this :

My name became 'S.H.LEE' T-T (actual name: S.H.TEH)

When I went to pharmacy department, the pharmacist asked me....

Pharmacist : your name is T or LEE?
Me : is T! T!
Pharmacist : Okay.....

After I took my medicine, I found that He wrote TEE for me....T-T

Perhaps some eye test is needed for them....

Ello Singapore~

Before I start to blah blah blah about my trip,
Happy Birthday to Josh!!! (sorry Jess I didn't wish him on that time, so here to wish him...LOL)

Alright, I went to Singapore again....yoohoo~ (because damn boring, I don't want waste my lovely weekend in jail [my room])

So Shirlynn and I decided pay a visit to Singapore (we make the decision at midnight) .....=D

my breakfast @ ananas

Daiso @ Jurong

New snack...wakakaka

Next..............Vivo city

Random photos:

Chicken mushroom O'....very nice =D


My target.....................

Hard Candies~

How it's made

When everyone see those hard candies, sure feel very excited...(including me =D)

Continue random photos:

My lunch + dinner

Okay, I really wanna comment about the Japanese curry udon with fish....

Taste so bad.....don't ever try it. The curry taste like curry of Roti canai (I ate the real Japanese curry before, totally difference!!!)

Clarke Quay

A lot of couples there.....

Things I brought from Singapore~ *blink blink*

'I care about you' and 'I LOVE YOU' <3

Special thanks to Seak Yin......

The 'Bak Zhang' (in hokkien) \(^^)/

Very very delicious!!! *big big clap* so long never eat that, 有家的味道!Thanks *so touch T-T I miss my home right now*


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