Back to Johor T-T

Gotta back to JB again

Bubye to Penang (because the bus was shaking, so I can’t took the photo clearly)

Reached JB Sri Putri.....

Duh! Back to jail again.

We need to move to the new hostel called K9, because my hostel needs to renovate. So we need to clear our room......AARRRRRrrrr kill me.

Before and after

Our luggage and stuff.....-_-|||

Fortunately Boy boy called his dad brings the lorry in and helped us move our things to new hostel. Really thanks a lot!

I wanna thanks to Seak Yin and her dad because they helped me to move my stuffs to new hostel too, Thanks you so much!!

My new room, I took single room because I thought that there is an extra for single room and my friends who come to visit me can stay here......BUT when I stepped in the room, AAARRRrrrrrr

- Just 1 bed, 1wardrobe, and 1 study table

- My room is at 4th floors (We carried the things until half dead because NO LIFT FOR US!!!)

- The room is fucking HOT!!!

- No internet

- No TV

- The toilet sucks (bath room combine with toilet)


I spent quite a long time to clean this room (totally exhausted)

Before and after

View outside my window

View from my old hostel (I took this photo when I stayed in old hostel)

View from my new hostel

I miss my old hostel.....Kolej Perdana~ Huhuhuhu

I want internet!!!!


JiHouh said...

Still having class? how come back in campus?

Devella said...

Yup, because I got short sem...T-T

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