Day out to City Square

During this short sem, I need to eat a lot of breads and instant noodles, because a lot of cafes are closed. Just left few stalls open for us....aiks~

Eating bread (my breakfast) and then go out with Shirlynn, Qian Qian, Fang Fang, and Seak Yin.

My lunch

Teppanyaki chicken. We ordered cold green ea but the waiter told us they have no ice so they only serve hot green tea. Teppanyaki + hot green tea = damn hot!...*sweat*

Shirlynn and I went to watch ‘Angel and Demon’, the rest went to shopping. ‘Angel and Demon’ really and nice movie, climax all the time. While watching the movie, there is an idiot phone talking in the cinema, he didn’t cares at all even someone scream ‘Diam!’ (Quiet!) to him. ==

Random photos:

After we took bus and stop at Jusco Taman U, lucky us, the last day for Jusco sales.

We took taxi back to UTM. Shirlynn told me that the taxi fee from Jusco to our new hostel will get charge extra RM1 compare to old hostel, GOSH! Just 100m distances also charge RM1?! So we decided stop at our old hostel and walked to new hostel.

What the hell with new hostel, no good facility and need to pay an extra RM1 for the taxi fee some more T-T....Now I wonder why SO many students wanna register for my old hostel and why need to interview to get the room.


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