Dyson Seminar and workshop

The first day for my short sem, Mr.K(my lecturer) talked some introduction about tools in my lab. I gotta use all the dangerous machines during my short sem T-T

After class, we need to attend a seminar by Dyson, it’s more about the vacuum cleaner design. Southern college students also attended in this seminar, all of them are kinda young (compare to my

After the seminar, we must join in the workshop (actually all my coursemates wanna go back, including the end, still need to join that)

Behind the workshop room, there are 3 dinosaurs sculpture which created by my 3rd year seniors. They used the recycle metal to create dinosaurs. The triceratops and troodon formosus welded the by seniors themselves (Good job seniors!! So proud of my

In that workshop, we need to design a new product by using the vacuum system in vacuum cleaner (not for cleaning purpose) in 35minuets.
- 8 persons in a group
- 2 minutes of presentation and Q&A section

Speaker : “The winner will get the Dyson book”

For my group, we have 4 final year seniors and 4 juniors (I’m 1 of the juniors).

Materials to create the product.

My group designed a fruit cutter.

The progress

The other group (from Southern college)

Presentation of my coursemate

And my group get the best design in this workshop (wakaka.....actually seniors in my group really work so hard, we just help them to cut and stick only) photo so show you all...hehehe

After the workshop end, we pay a visit for our final year degree show


Aha! My prize

But when I open the book....

Gosh! Full of words -_-||| (Duh! I’m not that hardworking to read that book....LOL)


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