My holiday my Penang trip =D

I'm just back from my 1 week sweet holidays....hehehe. Sorry for didn't update my blog. Add up my new hostel no internet.....GOSH! So I won't update my blog on time, sorry for that. I'll post up all my posts at the same time.

Before I start write about my holiday, I would like to show you all this photo,

Mr. Jlipas' friend.......

This Lipas (de cockroach) visited my room for 2 days, finally got cha!! (really hard to kill, Jlipas Please inform me before you ask your friend pay a visit to me.....LOL)

Okay, back to my holiday, Shirlynn and I went back to Penang by Konsortium bus.

I slept quite well in the bus until I don't even know that I reach Penang.

Shirlynn: 'Hooi! Is that Queens bay mall?'

Me: 'Hmmmmm I guess......WHAT?! Queens bay mall??!!'

Shirlynn: 'Ya, the residencial area look so familiar'

The whole journey (from Johor toPenang) just 6 hours,GOSH! You know what, for the normal car, you need AT LEAST 8 hours to reach Penang from Johor. We reached Penang just 6 hours, Can you imagine that?

Finally we are safe and reached Penang bus station (at Sungai Nibong)

I took this pic at 5.42am....I thought I'll reach here at 8 in the morning.

Next, my breakfast.....dim sum.....Now I miss Penang food so much

Gurney drive, the real sea (nice than Danga bay fake sea A LOT)

While I’m sitting there, I saw a pair of old couple walked by in front of me, and I heard some really sweet conversation.....

Wife: What you wanna tell me?

Husband: I love you forever

Wife: Still those words? *smile*

Then the old man holds his wife hand and smile at her too......Awwww, so romantic~

At night I met Zinky and Pinky. After dinner, we went to clubbing, because ladies night...hehehe

We entered ‘Fame’ first while waiting for Zinky’s cousin brother. In ‘Fame’, all the workers need to wear like the building construction worker.

Our drinks

Zinky, Pinky and I

Zinky and Pinky

After that, we moved to ‘Mois’

We again (BFF)

After I drank 1 tequila + 1 and the half bottles of beer, I DRANK!! (The lowest record in my life!), my friends also get shocked. I can’t even walk properly, walk like a crab *sweat*

Next day, Food....thanks mum, muack!

I hang out with Minn, Stephanie. Eric (my senior, you can visit his blog -> and his girl friend Cindy (both of them are from KL, they pay a visit to Penang, nice choice =D).

Eric and Cindy (the cute couple)@ pancakes house

Stephanie and Minn (So busy huh.....LOL)

We ordered 6 pancakes, but after we waited for 45min, only 1 plate of pancake served to us, SO SLOW....GOSH!

That’s the kitchen to make pancakes.

Pancakes just the appetizer for us, hehehe.

Our main course is.......TADAH!

LAKSA!!! (Food I love the most!!!)

And some side order food =D

3rd day~ Aha! Movie~ Minn and I went to watch the Mall Crop. That movie really funny.

My lunch, Sakae sushi (with Minn and Stephanie)....

Minn and I

Steph and I

Gurney drive night view

Because the next day is wesak day so the G hotel logo wears the water lily on its head...*giggle, so cute!*

p/s : There are some html error in this post, but I'm lazy to fix it.....Sorry


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