Night out with coursemates

I’m so so so so boring!!! There is NO entertainment in new hostel (my old hostel got internet + Astro TV programs) GGGRRRRRrrrrrrr.....How am I going to survive in these 7 weeks without internet? *sigh*

At first I planned go to Jusco Starbuck to online, but suddenly Boy Boy asked me:

Boy boy: “Wanna go pasar malam(night market)?”

Me : “Sure sure!!!” *Very excited*

Boy boy: “We all will go out at 7pm”

Me : “Wokay! on!”

Finally release myself from jail for few hours...woohooo!!


Pasar malam (night market) at Taman U

Crispy potato on stick (lemon flavor...hmmmm, taste not that nice, but very crispy)

My dinner (Thai style chicken, I like to eat Thai food, especially Tom Yam Soup)

Snacks brought from pasar malam (the popcorn so colourful)

Aha! Movie + Snacks....blissful~!! (I ate 1 and the half pack on that night...*sweat*)


JiHouh said...

i know how it boring it is. lol. i love those wheel snack too. hehe. guilty guilty.

Devella said...

Ya, boring all the time. Like stay in the jail....duh!

I love the wheel snack very much =D

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