Back to Penang again.....woohoo!!

Alright, I'm damn busy for these few weeks....back to Penang la, did my assignment in laboratory, went to Singapore with my lovely sis.....AAwwwwww now I only have the free time to update my blog.....A lot of photos will post in here....

Wokay, I so so bored with the life here.....Eat, sleep, watch movie with my 'Hubby' (my laptop), and go to class......

So Shirlynn and I back to Penang again...woohoo (I'm the devil who influnced her to go back....wakaka)

Stop talking about the photos~

Addicted with dim sum.....force Mic ate the dim sum with me =P

Seoul Garden with Minn......

After that we went to Toy 'R' Us ......

And we found a cuddly cow~



These dolls really makes both of us laughed until can't stop, because we search the large, medium and small size, then put them together and took the photo....

secret recipe

This coffee island service really makes me disappointed.....

Blue Hawaii.....perhaps should call it as 'Green Hawaii'

Day 2:

Chicken drumstick noodle (breakfast)

What is this?

my lunch, subway (I bite it, I'm so so so hungry at the time, eat 1st then only took the photo)

I really wanna comment about the idiot who served me in Subway! After I choose the sandwich I want and order from that idiot

Idiot : You want half or foot long

Me : Half

*baked the ban*

Idiot : Choose the vege you want

Me : All

Idiot : I said choose the vege you want (impolitely)

[Fuck la, I told you ALL, hello you don't understand English is it?]

Me : ALL (a bit unhappy)

*put the vege on the bun with full of unwillingness*

Idiot : Choose the sauce you want

Me : Can I mix all?

Idiot : I said choose the sauce you want *rolled his eye*

[What the FUCK!!! I'm the customer, I can event request you to put the orange juice in my sandwich!!!!! ]

Me : Ok ok, I want BBQ

Idiot : Take chili and tomato la

[ROARRRRrrrrrr!!!!! FXXK OFF]

I don't quarrel with him because I'm so hungry at that time, I just wanna take the sandwich and gooooo.....

Me : Whatever!

After I paid for sandwich and just go back to my hotel......

I should take his photo and complain to Subway company, that's how your stuff serve the customers? I don't even shout or do anything to him, what the hell he served me like that. If I'm full of energy at that time, I'll shout until earthquake.....I'm totally pissed off!!

Dinner with Mic @ Dome (the Nasi lemak)

Mine mine~ Spaghetti

Day 3:

Beef noodle (lunch)

Dinner at gurney drive

LAKSA~ AWwwwwwwww

I miss Penang food everytime I post about it....xoXOxo


JiHouh said...

wah..great food.. nice nice. u really enjoy good food a.. haven't been eating those good food for sometime. I haven't been to coffee island though , just heard of it. great trip! =)

Devella said...

You study in USM right? You should pay a visit to those nice food =)....LOL
Don't go to coffee island if you can't wait for the snail service.....I wait until wanna flip the table...XD

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