Singapore trip with my SIS~~

I'm so so excited that finally my sis and I can went to Singapore together. Weeeeeee~

She came to UTM on Thursday night. During that night we chat until midnight, then felt so sleepy for next day. =P

Day 1:

Titan, Sin Mei aka my sis and I waited for the bus near horse stable in my uni. Unfortunately, we wasted more than 50minuets to wait for the bus. In the end, we decided took the taxi to City square.

While enter Singapore, the Singapore-Johor Causeway is very jam and the check point part is the worst....

At my role (in the Singapore check point), I waited for at least 45 minuets, you know why, because of somebody didn't write down address in Singapore, didn't write the 'white card' (disembarkation form) for their kid and didn't know the hotel address.....

GOSH! because these stupid things, I gotta waste a lot of my time there. Please la, if wanna settle it, just settle at aside, don't waste our time.

We went to Orchard road 1st, photos =) :

When my sis saw this building, she laughed and told me that it look likes KOMTAR with hat......LMAO XD

Here's the KOMTAR pic.....LOL
KOMTAR : AARRRrrrr, so HOT, where is my hat?

While we shopping in ISETAN and my sis found the macaroons (she is very excited)

She told me, I think here (Isetan) must has the Wagashi (her lastest post in her blog about the Wagashi), but we walked around the whole building, we still can't find it......Aiks....

So we moved on to Takashimaya. My sis does not want give up for finding Wagashi. Suddenly.....

Mei : Hooi!!! Wagashi Wagashi...AWwwwwww ^^
Me : o_0
Mei : They so cute and colourful
Me : Aiya, just jelly only mer
Mei : No no no, there are many kind of Wagashi.....*happy and round and round the Wagashi

My sis is so cute la, when she found the things she wanted for long, she will turn into a kid then keep on saying 'I want! I want!' ahahahahah

Her eyes stick on the Wagashi =P



She bought 5 Wagashi.

Random photos:

AARRRrrrrrr......Tiffany & Co. Charm charm!!! (both sisters addicted with them)

After that we bought some snacks and enjoy them on top of Vivo city....

When we eat this macaroon, huhuhhuhuh.....DAMN SWEET.....(T-T)

Night view of Vivo City

Day 2:

While we are waiting the bus near stable there..........
(we go back yesterday night and come back to Singapore the next day morning)

We play with the horse....heeheheheh

She so excited because she can touch this horse...LOL

Our lunch

Our target for today is...... Singapore ZOOOOOOO

Stupid thingy we did at bus stop (while waiting for bus to zoo)


Zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo!!!

Ready to enter.....woohoo!!!

random photos in zoo:

Hang-a-roo =D

Can you imagine how long is kangaroo feet (compare with mine)

Omar the white tiger......

But when we saw him.....

Omar: 'ZZzzzzZzZzZzZzzZZ' (-_-)|||

Hooi's foot (human) VS Komali's foot (elephant)

Mei's foot (human) VS Komali's foot (elephant)

Tourist : ' short!'
Monkey :'WTF!'

Monkey :'Still short or not?! Hump! Now you better keep your mouth shut!'
Tourist :'.............'

I like this, because they created this for those who is blind but still can visit to zoo, this board can explain to them. Very good idea! *thumb up*

I'm little butterfly~

Ah Meng....huhuhu.....(died in year 08)

Ah Meng and I...LOL

Photos of Ah Meng

1.53m (Sin Mei) VS 3.5m (biggest Polar bear in world)

After zoo.....'Next station, Clarke Quay'

The Central...Here I come!!!

After 2 days of Singapore trip.....totally exhausted. But very very happy because.....we bought a lot of food!!!

Hey sis, come to JB again, we go to Singapore shopping again ya. When I'm free, I'll go to KL and find you. Take care sis, muack! XoxoXO


Loke said...

ah!!! those japanese okashi!!! if only there's japanese sweets in malaysia!!


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