I'm still ALIVE + Father's day

I'm ALIVE again~ wohohohohoho

Alright, I gotta explain to all of you, there was no internet at my new hostel, and I'm kinda busy when near the end of my short sem (I'll write more detail in the next post). During my 1 week holiday (after short sem), NO internet in my new house (I'd moved from Penang to Klang, I'll blog about my bro new house too)

Wokay, turn back the time......back to Father's day.

We celebrated the father's with our lecturer, Mr.K. At first we planned to give him a surprise, but in the end, aiks.....failed....LOL

Mr.K's wife prepared the shepard's pie with brown sause for us (tasted nice and YUM YUM, I ate 4 pieces!!!)

Preparing for the party

The father's day cake

And the card...=)

Mr.K :'I wish that all my students can grad on time'
Whole class :'Our destiny are in YOUR hand man...' (speak in heart)

Mr.K :'I wanna stab this cake...wakaka'
Whole class :'NOOOOooooooo!'

Mr.K :'Okay la okay la, I cut it nicely'
Whole class :'Phew~~~'

WAR begin......

In that
war, We played:
Cream of cake (normal la.....)

Ice cube (all getting mad)

Soft drink (Hey! in studio with carpet ler)

Pen and marker pen (Gosh, art students and lecturer always like to involve pen and marker all the time, even party)

Bomba pipe water (Mr.K started this first, after that someone use it to wash car some more *sweat*)

I'm so sorry that I don't take the war photo, because I involved in the war too.....hehehe

If I can get the photo, I'll upload it.....XD

Ok, last words

Happy father's day to all the fathers in this world *cheers*


simply me said...

haha..wat a "special" father's day right?
suddenly realise time passed really fast...

Devella said... that time still play the ice cube, even countdown for short sem, now suddenly study in 2nd year....hoooooo

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