New sem life.......

The beginning of new sem, still can consider a bit I had watched some movies.

Here are the movies:

Up (2009)

I found that this old man (named Carl) looks like my innovation class lecturer!!! Ahahaha.... SRI students, do you agree with me?

Okay, I watch this movie watch until I cried, just the beginning part only.....(ahem! my sis [Mei] also cried)

When you see until this better prepare your tissue for the next scene....LOL

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Wokay this movie makes me cried until can't breath. After watching this movie, I really feel that I'm consider very lucky in this world.....
Why? Check out yourself by watching this movie~

17 Again (2009)

From this......

To this....

Nice movie, feel like wanna go back to my high school life again....=D

The Lost of Land (2009)

I don't really like this movie.......

The main reason I dislike this movie because of these ugly lizard men.....
3 words to them 'What The Hell!!!!'

Chaka....1 of their team members

During graphic class, we need to learn all basic step.....

Christmas tree.....start dreaming about my X'mas for this year....LOL

Monday de formal day....I wanna become a very successful business woman

Call me Ms. Teh.....start dreaming again

Worker A :'Good morning Ms. Teh!' *full of passion*
Me :'Good morning'
Worker B :'Good morning Ms. Teh~' *with sweet voice*
Me :'Good morning'

*Punch me myself* wake up, Devella!!

Back to reality again.....LOL


Kellaw said...

you look like chaka le

Devella said...

What the.....LOL

Kellaw said...

no meh. compare the pics see

Devella said...

No no no......totally difference

Kellaw said...

really look like chaka le you. hamsap sumore. hahaha

kenwooi said...

nice... beginning of the sem always the freest time!.. im gonna end my uni life soon.. lol.. final sem edy.. =D

Devella said... good..I still 2 years to go T-T

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