New sem, New room and New Assignment

This is my 4th sem.....I'm in 2nd year now (feel like so old when I see the new comers)

Finally can move back to my old hostel...Weeeeeeeeee~

All the furniture changed.

From this:

To this:

From this:

To this:

From this:

To this:

All in blue colour.

Now I'm staying in Single room....woohoooo....
SO, I have 2 study tables, 2 beds (I wish I can remove 1 of the bed) and 2 wardrobes

The 1st week, I'd received my 1st ID assignment....That is

PORTABLE JIG SAW or portable router

How am I going to design this thing?

First step, we gotta do the research for this thingy......

Then write down all the thing in paper then present it

Like this:


Eric Lee said...

i'm blue da be dee da be da~ da be deeeee da be daaa~ da be dee da be daaaaaa XD

Devella said...

KRP - orange colour
KP - blue
K9 - red

Blue is much more better...LOL

JiHouh said...

wow.. that's a nice hostel u have there. i remember going there once n a little broken down. but now it's all brand new. lucky you. being the first to use them. 2 beds somemore.

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