Short sem.......

My course is very very 'Lucky' that we got the 'good chance' to study during our 2 months plus holiday (end of sem 2 holiday)

In this short sem, we gotta create a foldable chair (Fortunately it is group work, if no, I think I'll become crazy)

Everyone thought that it is easy

'Aiya, cut cut the wood lo, spray spray the paint, join here and there, then DONE!' (If this sentence is in your mind, YOU TRY AND DO IT YOURSELF LA!!)

then you will say'

'Alamak, hard to cut lo, spray until faint, jammed here and there, then DUMB!!'

We need to use all kind of dangerous machines....

Drill hole

Cut wood

Cut wood (this machine really scary)

Create roller

Fillet the wood (so that no sharp edge)


Applied soft putty on them (soft putty = grey colour )

Under coat by using spray gun

Hai! I'm Spray gun~

Ahem, the story is not yet end, the big problem is coming soon.....

After applied the undercoat,

Boy boy :'Hey, there is a part didn't cover by the undercoat'

*use spray can to spray on it*

Few minuets later

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! WTF!!!

Back bone :'NNNOoooooooo!! I spent at least 1 week for smooth skin spa package in spa centre now become old lady skin!! AAARRRRrrrrr!!'

GOSH! We gotta remove ALL the undercoat and respray again! kill me.....

---No photo for the respray part, because too rush hour-----

Choose colour for our chair

'blue, white, yellow!'
'white and orange!'
'black and white!'
'black and yellow!'
'bla bla bla....'

In the end, inspired by Transformer bumblebee colour

'Yellow, black and white (as metal part)'

Last step, Assembly (that time is about 12am, assembly until 5am)

Okay, we are not allow to stay in studio after 12am, fortunately my group assembly in new studio, so the guard didn't come and check.

But for other group, they assembly their chair at old studio......Kena SAMAN LA (get fined), really 'Lucky'

(get it from Miss U-ki FB)

Oh Gosh, see how many of my coursemate kena saman.....(Errr....some of them seem like so happy ==|||)

FINALLY!!!!! YEAH!!! woohoo!!! *cheers*!!!

We slept for 2 and the half hours, then woke up at 7.30am, prepare for our assessment.....Damn torture!!!

During the assessment.......

Each group need to place their report + tray + engineering drawing on the chair

Other groups foldable chair (different design)

de STYLE~ (chair name)

Mr.K :'Hmmmmm....didn't break'
All my group members : *big sweat*

The model king (senior) also come and test on the chair

After folded the chair

Mr. M :'I can't find the straight line for all of you chair, you got what I mean?'

That's all about my short sem....

Now I'll would like to special thanks for my group member

Boy boy:
You are a great leader, you really lead us well and work hard on this chair. You will give us hand when we need help (Always call you fetch me to buy bus ticket). Thanks a lot. Hope that the small mistake won't beat your mood down, cheer up all the time ya.

Ah Fook:
You are really 'geng' in solving problems, like we met a lot of problem while create this chair, and you always brain storm to 'cure' the chair. And thanks for treat us such delicious meal. Super thanks for fetch us the whole short sem (and send me to clinic 2 times)

You are always the best partner who did the work together with me during mid night time (we did until 4am right?). Help me all the time example, carry all stuff like putty, soft putty and more. Thanks for finding the places for me to put my stuff when we need to move out from new hostel. (Pssss, after H1N1 problem settle, we go to Singapore again XD)

Thanks for be my group members, because of this chair, we really sweat for it, sad for it, and work extremely hard for it. I believe all my group members like this chair very much (like our child) although some people criticized it, we don't care, as long as we like it =D

Hope we can continue work together for next time *blink*



simply me said...

etek de STYLE!!!i love d most..proud of it...wakekekekeke...raphael oso said nice le..hehe..not only nice but oso stable ;)

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