Uni life....aiks~

-->Sorry for the extremely late update for my blog......

The reasons are:
1. My hostel internet always got problem
2. I’m so Busy for this few weeks
3. I’m Busy
4. Busy + Lazy......
5. ..........
6. ......
7. ..

In this post I’ll post about what happened in lately 1 month, more photos and less words, because I can’t even remember all + I’m damn lazy to write too.....=b
Random photos again~~ =D
First.....French manicure~
I’m really in Lurve with ‘Lurve’, once you eat it, you really can't stop.
Celebration for Shirlynn birthday @ pizza hut......Happy belated birthday~(Ermm....We celebrated for her few days later her actual birthday)
The one and only activity during Ergonomics class
Measure hand size
Visual distance
Hand power test
Rise up your hand to measure your max hand height (I look so weird in this photo ==|||)
KP FIESCOP (my hostel activity)
VIP of the night (my hostel principal who wear the purple batik shirt)
Silat performance to welcome the VIP
Like dancing huh......when they fight....damn fake, no energy at all
Dancers (
Food stalls
Mocha ice blended (Damn sweet.....-_-|||)
Haunted house...huuuuuuu~~~~
I’m very excited when we enter the haunted house....Took a lot of photos too
Ghost 1: Damn hot la wei!!! *sweating*
Ghost 2: Hahahahaha......I like to eat coconut.....(weirdo)

Blood donation
I'm B positive~ =D
Wokay, I was the last one who donated blood, and their service is bloody hell because they wanna close their stall, so they let me rest about 5 min (after donated my blood) then told me can leave, not even serve me a cup of milo or anything (ok I don’t even want that cup of milo okay).....WTF!!!

Cover up my silly face
Because of their fucking rush hour......the nurse tied my arm fucking tide and causes my arm veins ‘explode’, created a ‘nice’ bloody ring on my arm.
My advice for those who wanna donate blood, be the 1st, if no, you will face the same problem like me. T-T


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