My 22nd birthday

Okay bad that SO LONG never update my blog..... busy life..... I only have few more weeks to finish up all my works. My final exam is coming very very soon *Sigh*

My letterbox and jigsaw works still in progress.....

A lot of assignment.....ARRRrrrrrrr.

So I just upload my photo and will not write more for the caption......

Here we go~

This post is about My 22nd birthday.....Duh! long long time ago, sorry

Back to Penang and walked around Gurney plaza and met Mina & Janice, Yamcha at Kim Gary

Cute huh~ this is a ice cream shaped bread. Hey, RM2.20 each (very expensive)


Aha, got cha! Laksa Laksa~~

Subway.....this time I stared at the stupid stuff!! Wakakaka

Turkey breast & turkey ham

Ooooo...juicy....yum yum

Okay okay, listen to me, this is the best ever bubble tea milk that I had tasted in my life, no other bubble tea milk can fight with it. I rated it 5 star! *blink*

Nestum chicken meatballs with rice

Almond fish with side dish (I'm so hungry now....T-T)

This is how I pass through my 22nd birthday, celebrate myself in coffee beans. Duh!

Back to JB

Penang blur

After reach JB,

Aha....thanks for Shirlynn, Shirlynn's cousin & Jacky that celebrated to me for my birthday @ secret recipe

Here come the cake....Awwww sweet


Who is the murderer for this cake?.....hehehe

My sis convocation ~*Part 1*~

Back to Klang again because of my sis convocation

Shopping @ 1Utama

Lunch @ Charm

Dinner @ Carls’ Jr.



The burger is really huge.......

My sis’ best friend (Ee Shing) + my sis + me......curled our hair until 4 in the morning

Any comment for my curly hair? LOL (Just ignore my cacat punya hand [weird hand])

Photo shoot day for my sis graduation


Me + Mei [my sis]

Ee shing + Mei

3 of us

Makeup set there damn disgusting.....

All kind of hats

Cam whore again......

My family pic (from left: sis, me, dad, mum, bro)

After Mei’s graduation photo shoot, dinner time!

Yum yum~~~ really taste good!!

Mei: 'I got snake'

Hooi:'I got kangaroo! weeeeeee!'

Double silly sisters brought the childish stuff

Shopping again @ The Curve + IKEA

Big apple donut.....My favour donut shop

When I shop around The Curve there, you know what, I saw Robb in one of the restaurant, forgot about the restaurant name....(This is my 1st time I saw the real him) LOL

Dinner @ IKEA

Mei de Story teller..... ‘So this frog can jump out....blah blah blah.....

Searching for the shoes rack for our room

1st choice (Sorry, Just ignore that human)

2nd choice (Ignore that human again)

I’ll update for my sis convocation photos [~*Part 2*~] when I get it.......see ya~~


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