My 22nd birthday

Okay bad that SO LONG never update my blog..... busy life..... I only have few more weeks to finish up all my works. My final exam is coming very very soon *Sigh*

My letterbox and jigsaw works still in progress.....

A lot of assignment.....ARRRrrrrrrr.

So I just upload my photo and will not write more for the caption......

Here we go~

This post is about My 22nd birthday.....Duh! long long time ago, sorry

Back to Penang and walked around Gurney plaza and met Mina & Janice, Yamcha at Kim Gary

Cute huh~ this is a ice cream shaped bread. Hey, RM2.20 each (very expensive)


Aha, got cha! Laksa Laksa~~

Subway.....this time I stared at the stupid stuff!! Wakakaka

Turkey breast & turkey ham

Ooooo...juicy....yum yum

Okay okay, listen to me, this is the best ever bubble tea milk that I had tasted in my life, no other bubble tea milk can fight with it. I rated it 5 star! *blink*

Nestum chicken meatballs with rice

Almond fish with side dish (I'm so hungry now....T-T)

This is how I pass through my 22nd birthday, celebrate myself in coffee beans. Duh!

Back to JB

Penang blur

After reach JB,

Aha....thanks for Shirlynn, Shirlynn's cousin & Jacky that celebrated to me for my birthday @ secret recipe

Here come the cake....Awwww sweet


Who is the murderer for this cake?.....hehehe


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