My sis convocation ~*Part 1*~

Back to Klang again because of my sis convocation

Shopping @ 1Utama

Lunch @ Charm

Dinner @ Carls’ Jr.



The burger is really huge.......

My sis’ best friend (Ee Shing) + my sis + me......curled our hair until 4 in the morning

Any comment for my curly hair? LOL (Just ignore my cacat punya hand [weird hand])

Photo shoot day for my sis graduation


Me + Mei [my sis]

Ee shing + Mei

3 of us

Makeup set there damn disgusting.....

All kind of hats

Cam whore again......

My family pic (from left: sis, me, dad, mum, bro)

After Mei’s graduation photo shoot, dinner time!

Yum yum~~~ really taste good!!

Mei: 'I got snake'

Hooi:'I got kangaroo! weeeeeee!'

Double silly sisters brought the childish stuff

Shopping again @ The Curve + IKEA

Big apple donut.....My favour donut shop

When I shop around The Curve there, you know what, I saw Robb in one of the restaurant, forgot about the restaurant name....(This is my 1st time I saw the real him) LOL

Dinner @ IKEA

Mei de Story teller..... ‘So this frog can jump out....blah blah blah.....

Searching for the shoes rack for our room

1st choice (Sorry, Just ignore that human)

2nd choice (Ignore that human again)

I’ll update for my sis convocation photos [~*Part 2*~] when I get it.......see ya~~


Kellaw said...

eat so much. no wonder gemuk liao. wuahahah

Devella said...

T-T.....I gotta keep fit and loss my weight

Kellaw said...

come sone belanja you---> watermelon juice. hahahaah
nvm la fat only good ma. if drop on floor got cushion ma. hahaha

Devella said...

Thanks for your watermelon juice....but I'm so full now XD

No no FAT!!!! Noooooo!!!!

Kellaw said...

FATT AHHH!!! i am not saying gemuk. i am saying kaya lol. hahaha. wait kaya = food = sweet = fat too right? hahaha

eat more la. go ask your sis those delicious japanese dessert. then sure you will add up kgs like nobodies business

Devella said...

Gosh....Then you try to be fat 1st, then I'll wait and see whether you'll become rich or not....

Har...I added you in my link, *smack back*

Kellaw said...

now only add. mei liang xin one. smack balik

me? fat liao everyday see your food pic and the food in your sis blog also full liao. hahaha

kenwooi said...

sis convocation + LOADS of food.. haha..
mine is this november =)

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