Hari Raya Break

Yeah, finally went back to my home sweet home during this Raya.

I went back to Penang first, by flight with Shirlynn, Shirlynn's Cousin, and Jacky

Flight ticket (air asia)

But the lobby look likes hospital right? Airport place to cure homesick? LOL

Entering the flight

Ready to fly~~

Up up to the sky

Reach Penang

While I'm taking the photos above, 1 of the idiot who sat beside me suddenly hit my arm rudely and told me 'NO HANDPHONE!'

I replied him 'Hello, my phone is in FLIGHT MODE'

Does anybody can tell me that is it NO Flight mode in blackberry phone? (his mobile phone) Grrrrrr.......idiot!

Wokay, forget about that idiot.......

Back to Penang.....of couse eat and eat

1st.....little oasis @ pragin mall

Mushroom soup

Lunch with Minn & Janice

Yea ice cream!

2nd Seoul Garden @ gurney plaza

But I'm not feeling well on that day.......


In progress


Soooo oily.....

Janice busy with taking the photos

I went back to Penang for few days, you know what....I'm SICK
Hohoholly shit...

Fever, Diarrhea, Vomit, Headache, Flu, Hot and Cold.......Damn!

I lost my chance to eat nice food. Once I eat, vomit and diarrhea....what the hell!

Day before go back to Klang, we celebrated with Janice for her birthday@ TGI Friday

My dinner just a glass of warm water + a piece of mooncake T-T

Birthday cake (mooncake) for birthday girl!

Birthday girl singing

The crew :'birthday girl! please blow the candle!'

Happy birthday Janice! =D

Birthday girl feed mooncake to everyone

1. Mina aka future dangerous doctor

2. Zinky aka multimedia queen

3. E E aka future 'su boon' doctor

4. Steph aka future hulk wife (study genetic)

5. Me aka 'I wanna be a Miss Indepent'

6. Minn aka Super PR in future

7. Yoke Min aka future business woman

Lastly, the birthday girl......Mr bean: 'Helloooo'

Back to Klang still diarrhea.... huhuhuhu T-T

I recover 2 days before I went back to JB

the 2nd last day before I go back, my sis treat me and my parent Italiannies @ the curve

Sorry, because of too eat first then only take picture

I like this cabonara.....

Miss the mixed ice cream from McD? But this one is not McD ice cream....

Sakae sushi

Japanese snack

Nice & cute packaging

Day before back to JB, meet up with my junior Sin Hau

He treat me the famous Bak Kuet Teh in Klang

Yam cha @ station 1

Dinner - steamboat

Sigh, next time go back to Penang, I must eat more and more!! =P


kenwooi said...

wah.. so many food!
making me hungry eventho i ate edy!! lol. =P

JiHouh said...

wow.. that's a lot of food.. yummy..

Kellaw said...

curtain to segregate h1n1.

now technology you can even use phone and laptops in the plane la

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