Singapore trip Again?!

Pay a visit to Singapore on 13/9/09

the whole journey
Chinatown -> Dhobt Ghaut -> Orchard

Sculpture created by recycle stuffs

Next station, Dhobt Ghaut

Teriyaki-chicken~ illusion

Teriyaki-chicken~ actual (hmmmmm......not same at all)


Mini in RED (I like it =D )

free 100 plus at Orchard road

Back to Johor Bharu, city square

I miss the chocolate there, but damn expensive

Dinner XXL chicken chop

p/s: I'm so so lazy to write for this post.....hehehe sorry~


kenwooi said...

the last time i went to SG was last year.. lol..
very far la.. =P

Kellaw said...

i see i also wanna eat that chic chop

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