= My 1 month holiday =

I miss my holiday so badly....

I don't understand why my uni reopen that early....*sigh sigh*

During my holiday, I every weekend was my shopping (because my sis is not working)

so I love weekend, everybody love WEEKEND, teehee!!

*I can't wait for the weekend to begin~ Michael Gray's Weekend playing in the background*

Alright, straight to the point......

I traveled 3 places during my holiday,

1st: Singapore
Objective: Visit Singapore design festival (eleh, spent more time stood in MRT)
Participators : Mr.Neo, Sin Mei & Devella
Duration : 3days 2 nights


In Nice++ bus, every seat own 1 small TV screen, the movies damn LAME....keep on repeating

Food: breads, should be named as 'Cold breads' + lemon tea + 1 cup of hot tea + 1 cup of mineral water

Entering Singapore

Mr. Neo : I need to take a deep breath *sniff*
Mei : I try to hold my breath

Mei with sexy legs on Rocking chair (her legs = illusion)

Absolute Vodka

Christmas trees everywhere

This fried har mee need to wait for so SO LONG....and damn long queue

Finally got cha!

ION plaza @ Orchard road

NOT ANTISOCIAL, you can talk to me.....(Mr. Neo's Tee)
HATE Mon - Fri, LOVE Sat - Sun! (Mei's Tee)

Mei and I

A bottle of Starbucks coffee for good night sleep (wtf, drink coffee and sleep, tired with walked for whole day)

my breakfast, I forgot the name

Mei's breakfast

*I squeeze I squeeze I squeeze squeeze squeeze*

Next station~ Tanjung pagar RED DOT museum

I'm so excited, yoohoohoo~

Mei and unknow flower

Red dot museum really damn RED

Bottles wall....
Mr. Neo : I wanna get out from this bottles wall, HELP~

OoOoO.....latte~ mocha~

Deep thinking Mr. Neo and elephant chair

Mei and elephant chair

Hooi and elephant chair


'No fear with war, Aku anak harimau, Roarrrrrr' *shoot shoot*(Does Tiger roar?! LOL)
Funny green hat......LOL AHAHAHA

Mei : I love daruma

cute right?

Taxi with ancy design

I love kinder bueno white!!! (can't find this in Malaysia)

2nd: Penang

Dunkin Donut

My cousin sister's wedding dinner

After dinner do nothing, so my sis and I start cam whoring in room

wedding day

bride and groom

Christmas singing @ Queensbay mall

The spicy noodle =Level 5= @ Nippon Yataimura (they have level 1 - 40), Level 5 is kinda spicy, I can't imagine how Level 40 taste like

Gaik Mei and hippopotamus

Hard rock hotel

I miss the beach

3rd: Selangor

Nice Korean food.....yum yum (the last meal before I back to UTM...sob sob)

Snowflake cookie @ 1Utama (rm1.50)

That's all about my holiday...... Looking for next holiday....... Start countdown for it.



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