My 1st Malacca trip

This my 1st time visit to Malacca.....very excited...LOL

Ok, stop those nonsense things, photos time......GO!

Our bed, miss U-ki and I share it

Tv + door can pass through Siew Chien and Boy boy room

Malacca...Here I come!!

U-ki told me this river was in the movie scene of 'Little nyonya'

Hunting for nice food

but....need to wait for so long

U-ki, Siew Chien & Boy boy


Baba laksa

Yong tau fu

Baba rendang chicken rice

nyonya asam laksa

Ais kacang

Jonker street

Doll making man :'come come come, I know how to make Ultraman ,Doremon and more'

Me :' Can you make Transformer for me? I want bumblebee, Optimus Prime also ok...hehehe'

Doll making man :'.............' (after look at me for few seconds) 'I know how to do king kong'

Me :'..................'


I like this pic

Its all about juices.....

Satay Celup time!!! yum yum

Pot to celup the lok lok


Ready to eat

Siew Chien & Boy boy (lovely couple)

Miss U-ki

Me =D

Fortunately we went there early, if no we gotta wait like them (special thanks for U-ki friend's Won Keat to bring us there)

Night time,

Sweet couple <3

Boat ride ticket

Sat until half way RAINING!!! All the seats become wet

Mini version of 'Eye on Malaysia'

Raining again.....==

My cycber zai (my mobile phone) focus wrong thing, free advertised for Farmasi Ang

Nice colours and packaging

Chicken rice balls

Zoom in for the chicken rice ball

Finally saw the real 'Red house', not the picture in the history book studied in high school

You're so real, not from buku teks Sejarah Malaysia (Malaysia history textbook) *Get Touched*

We rides Malacca trishaw to Mahkota

Siew Chien and boy boy

U-ki and I

Awww.....finally saw 'you'

Hmmmm..... really got the history feel (wtf, what the hell am I taking about)

View for top

Wishing hole

Boy boy told me the coin if does not hit the metal which cover the hole, then your wish will come true.

At least 3 people dreams won't come true, their coin stuck at the metal cover there.....hohoho

Going down

Hang Jebat and Hang Tuan

Hang Kong Wu Jian (Air force)

Hang Shu Xian (the train) hahahahaha......

note: Hang Shu Xian is Miss U-Ki name XD

Me :'U-ki! catch my hand! faster!'

U-ki:'ooooooo' (she seem like doesn't want enter the train)

Catch train........FAIL

Happy us in the Malacca tower

Duh! Raining again.... all our shoes wet, so 3 of us bough slipper there


Time to go back....bubye Malacca

Hope that can visit Malacca again.....*wink*


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