French Manicure

My holidays has completed 50% (not a good news to me) and I still haven't done anything yet, wtf.

Anyways I still enjoy my holiday like doing those nonsense thing like French manicure.

Here are the several steps about 'How to do a French Manicure'

Step 1: Put an undercoat for your nail (optional) you can skip this step if you don't have the undercoat.

Step 2: Put on the French Manicure sticker (I think the sticker cost me about rm3-4 only and you can do it for several times)

Step 3: Put on the white nail colour (not necessary must buy the French manicure kit, save your money) wokay I admit that my nail art skill is damn bad =.=

Step 4: Remove the sticker carefully, you need not wait till it dry then only remove (If you want to wait until it dry then only remove, yes you can do so, but make sure the white nail colour 100% dry)

Step 5: Apply top coat nail polish

Hope that this 5 steps can help you all create a nice French Manicure at home and can save a lot of money *wink*

Gosh, I'm getting lazy to post about myself.....LOL

All in one

As a final year student, I am very lack of time, need to rush for thesis, FYP, furniture making, and other sub-subject. Duh! I can't breath!

I am officially say good bye for this semester few days ago, thank God! Now just waiting for announcement of result.

Finally, my lovely holiday is coming!!! yoohoo!!

I got a very pack holiday plan for my Dec holiday *wink*

I can go travel, dating, SHOPPING with my beloved sister and bf (two sisters always mad with shopping activity =P) , eat the food I dream of all the time in JB, prepare myself for my bro's wedding, Christmas celebration with family and lots more.....

First of all, food that I miss

Marche @ The curve

Meat balls @ IKEA

Home steamboat

Sam Bee Bak Kuet Teh

Super sour candy

Still got lots more like Kevin mum's homecook dishes (especially the Ring Long Bell soup!!! Miss til MAX) My mum's homecook dishes, lok lok.....and more!!


Dating and travel with Kevin

Shopping in KL

Sing K with my parent
(I believe not much young people will join their parent for sing K, but I tell you, if you join your parent go to sing K, that's really fun!! Especially when you see your parent sing together, awwww so sweet!)

Yam cha with Kevin's friends

Play with the Ipad..........Neh!! that's not my Ipad, it is Ah Soon (My senior) Ipad, Ipad is fun!!! Weeee~~

Looking and playing with the cute stuff and animal =D (miss my bit bit so so much)

Achieve for my next Nuffnang Cheque!!

That's all for now, will update my blog soon xoxox0

Big Bowl Noodle

This Big Bowl Noodle shop is some where around near Sutera Mall there.

There are a lot of nice food..... but we have no time to explore all

The Big Bowl Noodle is recommended by Siew Qian

Tadah!! The Big Bowl Noodle!!

Handmade spinach pan mee....yummy!!

But the size.......

I think the height of the bowl is about 15cm, diameter is about 20cm

Ms. U-ki put her hand in between the bowl to compare her hand and the bowl size, and shows that this bowl is really damn huge....

The diameter of the bowl is about the size I opened up my palm

The special chili sauce makes you burn if you are the one cannot stand for the spicy taste, seriously after I put the chili in my mouth, my tongue became numb.

After finished the noodle, I bet you can't even finish the soup (especially for ladies)

They told me if you add 50sen for extra noodle, you will full until you cannot walk.....LOL

Hunt for nice food next time =D

I miss sheep sheep

I miss sheep sheep so much T-T

This sheep so cute right....hehehe

I love the way he wrote the cute sheep font

I love the charm he bought for me

I love the 'sheep-post-it' he bought for me


BOSS Bottled Night presents LOUD @ ZOUK

Hey dear readers!! I got a nice event to share with you all here

Hugo Boss fragrance is having a party @ZOUK

They are launching a new fragrance called 'BOSS Bottled Night'

Time: September 25 at 10:00pm - September 26 at 3:00am

Location: Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 113, Jalan Ampang 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ryan Reynolds is the face of BOSS Bottled Night

Still remember him?

The lucky guy in 'The Proposal' with Sandra Bullock

Awwww..... love Ryan Reynolds

New Hugo Boss Fragrance 'BOSS Bottled Night'

Most importantly, this event is OPEN to EVERYONE!!! Woohoooo!!

The BEST things in this event:

Exclusive Voucher
Exclusive BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT fragrance RM50 discount vouchers* to be given away! (*T&C applied)

* * * * *

Live FREE Fragrance Sampling/Testing
Want to party and smell like BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT at the same time? Come join us.

* * * * *

PRIZES Give Away
8 best dressed men/women in black to walk away with a bottle of BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT!

* * * * *

Featuring Malaysia's Hottest DJ
A night where DJs Goldfish and Blink crank out their blend of big room tunes.

* * * * *

A reminder to you all, normal club cover charges applied, but worth your every penny!! trust me!!

For more information please check these pages out~
~*!/event.php?eid=152556774768752&ref=ts *~

Don't want to miss the chance to WIN yourself the Hugo Boss Fragrance right?
Follow the 4 easy steps....

Step 1:
BOSS Bottled/BOSS Bottled Night - Malaysia i Facebook!/bossfragrancemalaysia

Step 2:
Click the 'LIKE' button in the page

Step 3:
Suggest to ALL your friends, remember Sharing is Caring =D *wink*

Step 4:
Wait for their FREEBIES give away via Facebook page

Any new updates, I'll post in my blog too =D

See you there on 25th of September for 'BOSS Bottled Night' @ ZOUK!!

*Cheersssssssss* =D

Royal Selangor Visit Centre

As trainees in Royal Selangor, my manager allow us to visit the Royal Selangor Centre during our last day in the company....wahahahaha

Both of us happy and hopping like kids get the candies.....LOL

You can visit the centre too, and the entrance fee is FREE

Wokay, let me bring you to enter the Royal Selangor Visit Centre through photos =D

Let's go ~

Entering the centre

Photos and history about the founder of Royal Selangor

The guy in the photo is the founder (Mr. Yong Koon)

RS started at year 1885

The scale can rise if more than 125kg on another side.

You can play the pewter cup as the music instrument

Different material can create different kind of sound

Hall of Frame...

Heading to another side

Main door enter RS visit centre

Pewter is combination of Tin + Cooper + Antimony

This tea set is reproduce to celebrate 125 years of Royal Selangor

Old way to create the pewter bowl

All this thingy in the box is the pewter

I can see all this pewter piece on the floor when I walk from factory to my office lift

Sister company

Comyns produce the product which made with silver

Crocodile (Malaya old time money)

Candle stand *speechless*

Pewter steamboat

Royal Selangor catalog (long long time ago) still in blank and white

After the melted the pewter, factory will create the pewter into this kind of shape and ready to send out

RS version Twin Tower

This RS Twin Town made with 7062 of pewter cups

The pewter cup can keep your drink stay cold and hot

Counter that serve cold drink, to let you experience the power of pewter cup...LOL

Entering factory part

First step to create pewter product, pour the melted pewter into the mold

See, so nice and cute huh

Create the shape and remove the outer layer with a piece of metal

Before and after

After create the shape for the pewter with that piece of metal, the outer layer of pewter removed and became the stripe of pewter

Polishing section

Before and after polish

Hammering section, to create hammered texture

Seem like kinda easy to make it huh......

When I try it........ damn hard ok!!! because every dot you need to knock 2 times, I bet when u knock for second time, sure can not knock at the same place which you knock for the first time.

Factory (Special order section)

Trophies design by my department designers

Another sister company, I forgot the name, all this is real gold and diamonds

Sculpture of one of the Yong's family member

When I join this company, I saw the sculptor sculpt this horse very carefully, their sculpturing skills really PRO!!

Gold fish plaque

This sculpture cost you 5 digit

Lord of the ring version chess

Wine glass and more pewter products there

The world largest pewter cup

That's all about Royal Selangor Visit Centre, to get more information, you can pay a visit there =D



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