Combination posts for January 2010

I combined all the posts in January into one, due to I have no free time and suck internet problem. (the internet will be very very smooth during 3am - 5am, because everyone is zzzzz)

Let's move on to my post......

1st : Industrial design annual AGM

Whole SRI (Industrial design) students need to attend this meeting, I guess only 50% attended only XD

New batch of committees for year 2010/2011

Junior from KL (I don't even know their name well ==|||)

During the election of new committees

We all are........................

Busy with playing Eric's SLR....LOL

The Man Gaga (Sean : Rah rah rah ah ah~~)

Lao ban niang

(from left to right)
Ah Tan :'My body is so long'
Two unknown :'........'
Eric Lee: 'I'm so cool'
Eric Hoi :'I'm tooooo shy' *cover up his face*

During the lucky draw section, and I'm lucky because they called my number 147, and get a bowl
I just put it in my room without use it, because I don't want while I'm eating also need to eat with ID ==

2nd : Happy Birthday to Amelia Ting

Hee giving the 'card' to the birthday girl

3rd : Happy Birthday to Eric Lee

(, Eric I know you like to promote your blog XD)

Caution! everyone please prepare your own plastic bag before you proceed reading


Eric Lee: 'I'm so cute'

His creamy birthday cake, when he was blowing the candle, everyone ran away, because to avoid the cream

Eric Lee: 'Yeah, peace! I'm so so happy. Blek~~'

I think he feel so proud that can wear a G cup bra....LMAO

(ok ok, I know my readers are feel so unwell now, so I decided don't put more photos about his birthday XD, Eric if you want the photos, take the pen drive for me)

4th : Clinique Workshop

the stage

I forgot that girl name, she intro about the Clinique products

Next is the make up artist Mr. David teach us the way to make up

Mr. David demonstrates the basic make up way

The model and make up artist

The make up artist make up box, all Clinique products

5th : I'm so unlucky

I knocked my feet to the bed support and my toe is fxxking painful....T-T

This is the bed support which cause my toe bruise (BAD BAD BAD design!!! not ergonomic at all!)

And my spectacles broke into 2 pieces, all I can do is use UHU glue to glue it ==

6th : Kolej Perdana Green Day II (my hostel activity)

Because of the VIP wanna pay a visit to UTM, and our hostel has been chosen as the best hostel in UTM, so we gotta involve in hostel activity so that can continue stay there T-T

We repaint the '1 Malaysia' landmark under the hot sun. Siew Chien in the pic

Boy boy

From left to right
Siew Chien, Sifu, Pei Wai and Boy boy (See!! so hot until need to carry the umbrellas)

Finally (we spent about 4 hours + to paint it ==|||)

7th : Tracking Camp (co-curriculum)

Reach Mersing beach side

The beach and sea

Ah Tan, Jacko and Ar Sern


Start building the camp

From this

To this (special thanks to my camp neighbour to help us build the camp)

Camp camp everywhere, fortunately Shirlynn managed to the camp, if no, we gotta share camp with others....yeah! just 2 of us in 1 camp (actually need 4 in 1 camp)

In side the camp and watching the sea side

My leg XD

During the dinner time, everyone like fighting in the war to get the food

Arrrrr...mine mine! that's MINE!! GRrrrr

My food!!!

The leader: 'No fighting!!!'

All we do is just sitting there until nobody wanna take the food then we only take, because we know we can't fight with them

Lame activity, fashion show with news paper

Watching the waves

We gotta move our camp during the night time, because the waves is too high and hit our camp, and my neighbour camp and my camp both get wet

Once again they help us moved the camp....really appreciate them

After moved the camp, we chit-chat until 3am.....I zzzzzz until 10am

Group photo with my neighbour

That's all about my life in January XoXo....=D


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