Merry Christmas 2009

Ok ok, its a bit late for the post (not a bit, is very very late, now is year 2010 ==)

Pre-Christmas celebrate my own with ginger bread

Christmas tree ginger bread

My house Christmas tree

Present, I like this part the most >u<

Steamboat at home..yum yum

Adelyn (bro's gf) cooking the egg, Neo (sis' bf) watching TV

yum yum~~

Special egg

Oily, but really taste good

Cheese cake~~ *thumbs up!!*

Christmas log cake

Ginger bread man

Mei and Neo + presents

Adelyn + present

My present, mine mine!! thanks for my bro

The Xmas present I bought for myself, 'Queen' word necklace

I lvoe it so SO MUCH~~ but I prefer the necklace which customize my name...hehehe


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