N times of Singapore trip

This time we just have quick tour at Singapore, Red dot museum and City Hall.

Every 1st weekend of the month, the designers will sell the products which they designed themselve

You can write whatever you like on those papers

So cute and funny

Aha! so cute!

I found something is very interesting........

Free portrait! all artists sitting there, you can ask them to draw your portrait, so special!

After they drew it, they hanged up, then you can get your portrait there.

Hee with the lovely doggie

The designer pet

Dinner time! Sean recommended restaurant, nice environment, nice food, nice music, overall = VERY NICE!

My banana milkshake

Mussels pasta (Eric and Hee)

Chicken Chop (mine =D)

Le Blogger...sigh....LOL


Anonymous said...

The drawings look pretty cute hanging on the lines. Last pic so dark ah? lol

Anonymous said...
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Devella said...

Irenelim - yaya, you can write anything you like on the paper.... Last pic dark? I think the last pic is too blur...LOL

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