Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Super Belated Chinese New Year to all my readers.....cheers!!

Recently is very busy, need to rush for tests, ID, assignments....bla bla bla

So sorry for the slow update....*bow*

Wokie dokie, back to my CNY 2010......

Photos photos and photos =D

Night marker at Klang, My sis and I saw this cute bubby and can't control ourselves touch them. SO SO fluffy, Awwwwww ^^

The longest night market in Klang

While shopping around at Klang parade, we saw this.................

Oh my gosh! hey so dangerous! big big clap to them

Spinning the bowl, NOT plastic bowl, all GLASS made bowl

Next...... special thanks for my lovely sis


1st Anna Sui Hand Mirror

Anna Sui hand mirror......T_T so touch~~

Mine mine!! Silver it

I found that when you use this mirror, your face will look slim....LOL

2nd Limited edition Anna Sui Eyeshadow

Nice right? I like the butterfly design

3rd Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner

All the Anna Sui cosmetic got the rose fragrant, even the eyeliner....LOL

4th D&G L'Imperatrice 3 fragrance

Smell like passion it

The actual colour

Thanks Sis, I love them....muacks!!

Addicted with my sis Ipod touch

Tap-tap revenge....nice game

This chocolate is very very delicious, once you pop it, you really can't stop

*blink blink*

Peanut cream inside.....yummy~~

Nail art....I drew it with toothpick

Put on the mask, better skin to welcome CNY and ready for the night...LOL

Yam Cha with sis and her senior Lei Chai

See, I'm so so 'hardworking' holiday also go to 'Library' and 'study' XD

Drink Hoegaarden in 'Library' at e@Curve

Almost finish it

Done!! Next.....hahahaha

Mei and I

Lei Chai (my master) and Mei

Next round......

The Sanctuary

DJ....sorry for the dark and blur photo

Drink, drink, drink

My Heineken

My table

Say cheese!! Master Lei Chai, me and Mei

After reach home, my make up all smooch around my eye, smokey eyes became panda eyes

Reunion dinner time!! *ting ting ting*

Steamboat for reunion dinner

Lou Shang

After transfer to plate

my bro

Lou ah lou!! Lou all gold to my pocket, lou for better life ~~

Salmon in lou shang

Ready to eat.....yeah!

Firework all night long *pim pim pom pom*

Yam Cha with bro, bro gf, his gf's bro and his gf's bro's gf and my sis XD

I forgot this name

'Sexy margarita'

My Heineken, I'm Heineken super fan hahahaha

This biscuit is really 'good' for learning the shape of animal

See!! polar bear, can anybody tell me which part look like polar bear?

My dad birthday, celebrate at Marche

Don't lost this card, if no, you will need to pay Rm200 for it

Pasta Zanmai~

I found something interesting

SO SO cute la the salt and pepper bottle, very mini size

Our order.....all in mini size

Ermm....I don't think they are consider mini size....LOL

Taste good!

The food I wish to eat for so so long

The Ikea MEATBALLS!!!!

Awwww.....Finally can eat you!!

The last meal before I go back to JB T-T

That's all about my CNY holiday......Again Happy Belated CNY To you all =D

Have great and full of joy year~~



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