Le Beginning of April......

I dislike the beginning of April, reason? why?because of my Final Exam fall on this month until mid of April.....start countdown for back home, hehehe.

Final exam is getting very very near, but I still found the entertainment for myself to relax my mind [screw me please!!]

Join Eric, Beng Heng and Jasmine for movie @ MBO U-mall

Movie > Clash of Titans

Kinda nice movie, but I agreed with Eric that nothing link with Titans.....LOL

The next day, Beng Heng's birthday

We celebrate for him at Sutera Mall

Raining, raining and raining....sien

El Migos

Kinda nice environment

Beng Heng aka the birthday boy.....Happy Birthday =D

Birthday boy and Jasmine

Jasmine with her spicy mussels pasta

Eric with his salmon pasta

Beng Heng with his chicken pasta

Mine, cowboy chicken chop [any part of this dish looks like cowboy?]

The pizza

Cheese! [my face look so blur]

Wokay..... after enjoy the happy moment, back to work, discussion for our ID major

My studio...hmmm so messy

Discussion table

so dark everywhere [except inside of studio]

Spray cansssssss everywhere, even me myself own at least 7 cans of spray in my room ==

Super seniors models

Room for cut the dead body.....LOL, okay okay joking, this is the spray room

Inside the spray room

I found something interesting, this oven is used to bake the clay not for food....==

The hardworking Ah Hao in another so messy, I spotted a teddy bear on the table ==|||

Wake up in the morning....raining, raining and raining, feel so cold for whole day

Look up from my window

That room window covered with the posters, is the mini market of my block..... but the person who in charge of that mini market disappeared for quite a long time..... ==

View from my window

Raining day.....aiks...please stop raining....==....I'm so cold now (>~<)

P/S : Countdown => 12 days to go......*wink*

My little lovely holiday~

After suffered for few weeks, finally I can re-charge myself.....weee~

Between that few weeks, I suffered......

Boring Degree ++, My surename is TEH, NOT THE....==

We spent almost 15 hours for the seminar.....bah! Super lame + boring

My minor....even cut my hand....Ish!

My major..... collapsible wheelbarrow

+ English assignment
+ Ergonomic assignment
+ Tests............Arrrrrrrr

Finally............I can go back home *cheers*

Wokay, the bus suck, due to the bad management of bus seats, I sat at the last role

But the blissful moment enough to cover all those suffer thingy......

I love the every moment I spent there......

Chatting with my family members with full of laughter

Movie 'Alice in the wonderland' & 'Remember me'

Dinner at Nandos

The I-city

I like this photo =D

We spotted a LOVE~ LOL

Night time yam cha

The most delicious bak kuet teh that I have ever tasted in my life

Now I wonder why you love it so so much.....LOL

Can't wait for the next meet up with you....hehehe

I miss my family and you too ^^ XOxoXO

I've got a special mail~

I have been waiting for this mail for so so long, run in and out of my hostel office because of this mail. (Okay, I got this mail few weeks ago =P)

Tadah! Here comes the mail.......


What is inside the mail that makes me so so nervous and 'I totally can't wait'?

My new digi postpaid SIM cad...Awwwwwwww love it~

Special thanks to you =)....... Big big hugs for you =P


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