Hey June~

Time fly, now is mid June.

I love my weekend so so MUCH!! So many nice and awesome activities

Wokay, photos to show, hehehe

Dinner with Kevin, yum yum Korean food, love it

Grill pork

He thumb up for the food too.....hehehe (he is a bit shy LOL)

Next few photos about my company event, 'Bring your kids to work', the activities are kinda fun, but only for kid. So we still need to work hard on that day, duh!!

Team building games

Grab the recycle material to create anything they like

Royal Selangor show room, all of these are F1 trophies.

Feel free can visit the show room, because the entrance fee is FREE.


Tadah!! my sis company event, Family day 2010

Their office pantry..... super nice

What a nice workplace, so modern and colourful

There are many fun activities, I don't even have enough time to join all


The activities,

1st Cookies Decor

Before start

Teachers are preparing the icing

After prepared well

Example of decorated cookies

Everyone is given the cookie without any decor

you can draw whatever you want, alright I admit that my skill is very bad in decor the cookie

Ermmm..... wokay my cookies decoration are ugly enough =P

Others cookies decor

These cookies are join in the competition, the winner will walk away a set of cookie decor icing

The good patient teacher

Everyone is enjoying the cookie decor

*squeeze squeeze squeeze *

2nd Clay modeling class

materials prepare to use

Aha, So cute right? but this is not mine, I'm not manage to join in this class

3rd Face painting

The face painter prepare her stuff

Ready to paint

She can paint all kind of awesome graphics

Cute spider man XD

Nice right?

4th Caricature

Mei waiting for her face transform into the cartoon

mine mine, does it look like me? hmmmmmm

5th Tarot card reading

Tarot card reader, you know what, whatever she told me is damn accurate, I totally get shocked.

6th Head & shoulder massage

Their massage skills are brilliant, after massage, my entire body is very relax and comfortable.

Of couse party will not miss out the clown

He showed me few magic trick, but I keep on laughing, don't know what's wrong with me

After all the activities end, we went for our lunch @ Apartment at The Curve

Appetizer : Crab + salmon cake with some vege

Main course : Dorry fish with homemade mash potato

Dessert: Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

After lunch, got free movie some more, what a nice day

We watch 'Karate Kid', the entire movie show room is booked by the company *thumbs up*

Oh ya, free popcorn combo set too =D

Since we already at the Curve, of course I will never miss my chance to eat my lovely IKEA meatballs

Meatballs~~~ Awwwwwww

Stay tune for more about my life in June........XOxoXO


sleeper said...

Thumbs UP!!

nice job devella.

i am TUNE-ing for ur post^>^

Devella said...

LOL.... Hey you still own me the KLCC one day shopping photos. I can't wait to blog about it....hehehe

sleeper said...

ya la ,, given u the photos jor

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