The month of May

Aloha readers!! I know that my blog is full of spiderweb now. SO I straight upload all my photos which took in this May 2010. (I admit I'm lazy and seriously I'm living under no time no internet condition)

Woohoo...finally can update my blog.

Here we go!

Photos photos

My work place at Royal Selangor (for industrial training) , so messy huh.

Due to working in Setapak, so I gotta moved to Wangsa Maju there.

View from my room window

Wokay, this school really wake me wake every weekdays, so annoyed!

my room, my bed

KL scenery

wokay, I gotta take LRT + KTM back home (really not familiar with Malaysia LRT and KTM)
The KTM is damn slow

Next, about the sculpturing class in Royal Selangor

I'm kinda lucky, because this class is totally FREE for all the staffs there, wohoo!!

There are 2 design for the sculpture

bear with ball


I joined flower group

creating the petal

flatten the surface

Creating the texture

Tadah!! finally done!

Compare with my teacher example, mine is tooooo thick, if create in pewter, sure make the company lose money

Everyone is happy and enjoy the sculpturing class

my teacher

I really do love weekend, not working day...wahahahaha

One of my weekends, joined my family went to Pulau Ketam


In the ship

canwhore with my sis

After 1 hour ++ only reached the Pulau Ketam, cause me dizzy head

We saw all tiny little ketam (crab) there

All the black spots are the crabs

Crabs crabs crabs

Heading to the seafood restaurant

our table

Food please *ting ting ting*


After =.=

I super love this strawberry melon ice cream yum yum!!

you can rent bicycle there, RM12 for whole day if I'm not mistaken

Walk around the island

wokay this turtle pool is damn smelly and dirty, poor little turtles need to stay in there

This police station always won the 'Best Landscape' in Malaysia

The garden is so so nice, so now you can understand why they always win the award. LOL

Dog eating the ice, aha cute

Going back

Back to the super shaking ship again

still wanna camwhore before go back

wokay, I got dizzy head during that time, feel like wanna vomit some more

While the ship is riding, really makes you sick

While resting in the ship, suddenly receive Jackie Loi sms

Jloi : 'My friend got extra 5 tickets for Hennessy Artistry, you want it?'

Oh my GOSH, I'm so so lucky T0T

Thanks to Joshua Law and Jackie Loi for the HA tickets, Awwwwwwwww........Thanks a billion!!

Hennessy Artistry @ ZOUK


That night, all the drink are free flow til 12am, woohoo!! Love it

Our table is very near the stage...wahahaha

My Hennessy Artistry pass

Kevin, he seem like very excited LOL

My sis, Sin Mei

Sister (Sin Mei & Sin Hooi)

Me and my bf Kevin


Finally can meet up with Jackie Loi ,He is a bit tipsy during that time, Jloi you really drank too much LOL

Emcee of the night

Hot girl dancing on the stage, she is really so hot ok

Kevin : 'I still drink'
Mei : 'Almost KO-ing'

Party people!!!

Sister again =D

Anyways I very enjoy the Hennessy Artistry event, really full of joy and fun, weeeee~~

Once again, special thanks to Joshua Law and Jackie Loi for the HA tickets.

Looking forward for more nice event with bloggers!! see ya XoxoXO


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