Yeah! It's weekend again!!

I am weekender that always shopping, walk around + explore new stuff during my lovely weekend

So, hope that I can update my blog every week for my readers =D

Thanks for those who always support my blog. Thanks a million *bow*

Alright stop those nonsense, share my weekend journey again

same style...PHOTOS please~~

With my sis, Sin Mei

Poor sis still need to work on Sunday.

While my sis is working at the Dunhill perfume booth

Kevin and I took photos around the booth there

I like the way they present the perfume, so attractive and creative

Copying the poster.... NG, Kevin smile until too happy, I also feel wanna laugh while taking this photo

15 minutes later, we left the booth and hunt for our lunch.

Crowd everywhere, even the food court also FULL, so we selected Sakae Sushi.

Kevin aka Vin Vin

Sin Hooi aka Hooi Hooi

Hot green tea, anyone?

Ordering the food, I don't even know that he took my pic =.=


Happy Vin with Orangy Salmon

Sukiyaki and I

Sukiyaki with cool Vin

After lunch, we spent our time at Kinokuniya, search for nice book, of course I will not let the chance to take a look for those design books. But I found that most of the design book are sealed. T-T

my cheezy pretzel, thanks sis =D

Love the time while eating the pretzel and listening to Kevin China trip story

Dinner time~~ *ting ting ting*

The beer server

Beer! beer! beer!

Our food

While we are eating........

Someone is very busy with the itouch

Ahem! busy with coin dozer game huh. Okay, I admit that I also addicted with this game, blek!

Another excellent weekend!! ^^ *thumbs up*

p/s: Please do visit my bf post too.......XOxoXO

= =


Anonymous said...

haha, thank you for promote my blog too. hee

sleeper said...

hehe, Support our date oo.

Devella said...

LOL....Sleeper looking for our coming wonderful sat night =D weeeee~~~

I always support our date all the time ^^v

Eric Lee said...

wth? this blog alive wan meh? hahahahaahha

Devella said...

Ahem, Mr. Eric Lee, FYI this blog still alive LOL

孫陽泉 said...
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