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As a final year student, I am very lack of time, need to rush for thesis, FYP, furniture making, and other sub-subject. Duh! I can't breath!

I am officially say good bye for this semester few days ago, thank God! Now just waiting for announcement of result.

Finally, my lovely holiday is coming!!! yoohoo!!

I got a very pack holiday plan for my Dec holiday *wink*

I can go travel, dating, SHOPPING with my beloved sister and bf (two sisters always mad with shopping activity =P) , eat the food I dream of all the time in JB, prepare myself for my bro's wedding, Christmas celebration with family and lots more.....

First of all, food that I miss

Marche @ The curve

Meat balls @ IKEA

Home steamboat

Sam Bee Bak Kuet Teh

Super sour candy

Still got lots more like Kevin mum's homecook dishes (especially the Ring Long Bell soup!!! Miss til MAX) My mum's homecook dishes, lok lok.....and more!!


Dating and travel with Kevin

Shopping in KL

Sing K with my parent
(I believe not much young people will join their parent for sing K, but I tell you, if you join your parent go to sing K, that's really fun!! Especially when you see your parent sing together, awwww so sweet!)

Yam cha with Kevin's friends

Play with the Ipad..........Neh!! that's not my Ipad, it is Ah Soon (My senior) Ipad, Ipad is fun!!! Weeee~~

Looking and playing with the cute stuff and animal =D (miss my bit bit so so much)

Achieve for my next Nuffnang Cheque!!

That's all for now, will update my blog soon xoxox0


sleeper said...

wah.. so much activity ah..

like dis , u ma very busy lor. haha

Devella said...

Yalo, you will follow me busy also =P

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