Big Bowl Noodle

This Big Bowl Noodle shop is some where around near Sutera Mall there.

There are a lot of nice food..... but we have no time to explore all

The Big Bowl Noodle is recommended by Siew Qian

Tadah!! The Big Bowl Noodle!!

Handmade spinach pan mee....yummy!!

But the size.......

I think the height of the bowl is about 15cm, diameter is about 20cm

Ms. U-ki put her hand in between the bowl to compare her hand and the bowl size, and shows that this bowl is really damn huge....

The diameter of the bowl is about the size I opened up my palm

The special chili sauce makes you burn if you are the one cannot stand for the spicy taste, seriously after I put the chili in my mouth, my tongue became numb.

After finished the noodle, I bet you can't even finish the soup (especially for ladies)

They told me if you add 50sen for extra noodle, you will full until you cannot walk.....LOL

Hunt for nice food next time =D


sleeper said...

Yeah~~ Hunt for nice food again ya.

Devella, u didnt mention about price, address ah?
Nx time rmbr take name card ma, then u just snap pic and post into also.

JenQ said...

is that only pan mee being sold there?thx

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