French Manicure

My holidays has completed 50% (not a good news to me) and I still haven't done anything yet, wtf.

Anyways I still enjoy my holiday like doing those nonsense thing like French manicure.

Here are the several steps about 'How to do a French Manicure'

Step 1: Put an undercoat for your nail (optional) you can skip this step if you don't have the undercoat.

Step 2: Put on the French Manicure sticker (I think the sticker cost me about rm3-4 only and you can do it for several times)

Step 3: Put on the white nail colour (not necessary must buy the French manicure kit, save your money) wokay I admit that my nail art skill is damn bad =.=

Step 4: Remove the sticker carefully, you need not wait till it dry then only remove (If you want to wait until it dry then only remove, yes you can do so, but make sure the white nail colour 100% dry)

Step 5: Apply top coat nail polish

Hope that this 5 steps can help you all create a nice French Manicure at home and can save a lot of money *wink*

Gosh, I'm getting lazy to post about myself.....LOL


sleeper said...

dont lazy lar.. jia you oo^^

write more, sharing more.

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