Photo shooting again

The following photos consider as my best shot for this few day..... =.=

Upload few photos first, soon will upload more =D

1st trial photo shooting with Canon 550D

Here comes my 1st trial photo shooting in hostel with Kevin's baby Canon 550D (Alright Kevin I know you miss your baby very much. Don't worry, I will take care it well, I won't let strangers to touch it *wink*)

Wokay, I know it's time to improve my photography skill =.=

Mosquito Fogging

I hate mosquito fogging, makes my room becomes smelly and tortures my lung. (I know is good to have mosquito fogging especially in dirty area)

Yesterday while I was taking a short nap around evening time, suddenly a noisy announcement woke me up.

'Attention for all the students in hostel, today we will having a @#$%^ at 5.30pm (I can't hear what she said), so please close your window and turn off your fan and light!!

After I closed my window then continue zzzzz

5.30pm....... nothing happen

6.00pm....... nothing happen

6.15pm....... cook my dinner

6.30pm...... 'buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' (mosquito fogging) WTF (HELLO!! I am having my dinner right now!!)


I spotted someone forgot to close their windows, congratulation!!

Fogging the super dirty 'longkang'

'buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' again

Hate fogging!!

Singapore trip before holiday

These photos took long time ago before my holiday, I damn lazy to update my blog.

Alright here we go~

Siew Qian, Boy Boy and I went to Singapore Bugis street to find some cheap clothes for this coming CNY

Fried fillet soup with rice, not bad S$4.50

Bugis street

So many people there

lady bags bags bags

Christmas tree everywhere

Found this cute bananas wallpaper (I bet my sis sure falls in love with this wallpaper LOL)

The dry market in Singapore is on the 3rd floor of their flats, so funny right?

G floor - parking lot
1st floor - harker centre
2nd floor - dry market stock

After back to JB, we went to search for some delicious food

Char kuey tiao (RM3.50)

Fried Oyster (RM8)

Can you see the oyster size?

DAMN BIG!!! The best fried oyster even in my life!!

After reached the hostel, my legs are numbed and totally exhausted. I just manage to get myself one clothes and mobile bag.

More post will up soon =D


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