Mosquito Fogging

I hate mosquito fogging, makes my room becomes smelly and tortures my lung. (I know is good to have mosquito fogging especially in dirty area)

Yesterday while I was taking a short nap around evening time, suddenly a noisy announcement woke me up.

'Attention for all the students in hostel, today we will having a @#$%^ at 5.30pm (I can't hear what she said), so please close your window and turn off your fan and light!!

After I closed my window then continue zzzzz

5.30pm....... nothing happen

6.00pm....... nothing happen

6.15pm....... cook my dinner

6.30pm...... 'buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' (mosquito fogging) WTF (HELLO!! I am having my dinner right now!!)


I spotted someone forgot to close their windows, congratulation!!

Fogging the super dirty 'longkang'

'buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' again

Hate fogging!!


sleeper said...

en? yesterday got fogging huh?

ehM~~ thats good

Devella said...

good? my lung can't breath. add up they fog ground floor, all mosquitoes fly up to our room sheep

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