Best ZOO day ever!!

Due to photography assignment, we need to pay a visit to zoo in Johor

Venue: Saleng Zoo Time: around 3pm
People who involved: Boy boy, Siew Chien, U-ki and I

Entrance Fee: RM15 (worth for your every sen!!!)

There are a lot of animals, I will introduce for you all 1 by 1......

First of all, the rabbits!!!!! (Happy Rabbit Year to everyone!!)

Aren't they cute? Awwwwww

Little grey and white rappit

They are so so hungry

Pony with Siew Chien

Pony with U-ki

Little pony

Naughty monkey, He tried to jump toward us, and we all screamed like mad person

Close up for that naughty monkey, quite pity this monkey, the neck get locked by wire

Monkey is biting the zookeeper hand

Zookeeper : 'He likes to play, he won't bites til your hand bleed, come try hahaha'
We : '......'

Turtle house

What does a long life tortoise look like?

Tadah!!! The long life tortoise, it is huge!!

See!! compare to the human hand, can you imaging how huge is it?

Next is the baby tiger~

Mr. Tiger man, baby tiger and rabbit toy, this baby tiger already well-trained by him.

Nice pose! except the rabbit toy beside it...grrrr

Baby tiger: 'I'm so tired'

Baby tiger is yawning....Awwwww so so cute!!!

Baby tiger is playing with his toy

Baby tiger: 'ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz'

Big fat python

Python scales

Crocodile : 'Ahahahahahahaha'

Mr. Turkey....Hmmmm, kinda ugly

Happy ostrich

Forgot its name

Crocodile: ' ZZZZzzzzzzzzz' (sleeping pose cause entire image is gone)

Tigers VS Lions

After bath tiger

Hanged on wall tigers performance, well done!! ahahaha

Feeding time *ling long ling long*

Lion: 'Ahhhhhhh~~' *open mouth*

Lions: 'nom nom nom, yummy, nom nom nom'

Forgot got its name

Big horns cow

How come got dog in zoo..... =.=

Sheep: 'Heeellllooooo! I'm sheep not dog okay!'

Moon bear? black bear? (sorry for the unclear photo)

Tiger mum is licking the baby tiger (p/s: this baby tiger is the one that just now I showed at above) I love this pic so so much!!!


The King of the Jungle!!!! *ROOARRRRR*




King of the Jungle: 'ZZZzzzzzzzzz'

Errrrr..... next time I will show a proper lion pic to you all

Long arm monkey


Ms U-ki and long arm monkey *shake hand*

Long arm monkey and I *shake hand* (all you need to do is put your hand near the cage, then it will hold your hand *cheers*)

Conclusion, BEST ZOO DAY EVER!!!!!

Special thanks to Boy boy and Siew Chien, thanks for brought me to such awesome and nice zoo!!! thank you!!!


sleeper said...

wow, very de nice zoo.

must support! coz it is private de ma , right?

Devella said...

Yup private zoo, well maintenance than government zoo.... really need to support if no they got no money to buy the food for animals.

追梦者 said...


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