Starbuck in bottle VS Coffee Bean in Bottle

I found something very interesting from Malaysia food promotion page.

And I saw this!!

Ready-to-drink Coffee (From Coffee Bean)

RM 23.70 for 3 bottles (281 ml for each bottle), not including tax yet


Starbuck Frappuccino (From Starbuck)

$S3.70 per bottle [about RM9.06]
(281 ml for each bottle)

You also can buy in carton......

Cafe Latte - Carton pack (From Coffee Bean)

RM94.80 for 12 bottles,
not including tax yet


Starbuck Frappuccino in carton (From Starbuck)

RM9.06 x 12 = RM108.72 (I think should be around this price)

I tried Starbuck Frappuccino in bottle before, it considers kinda sweet for me, I prefer fresh Frappuccino. So far I haven't seen
Starbuck Frappuccino in bottle in Malaysia, I found it in Singapore

Perhaps I should try the Coffee Bean ready-to-drink pack first then I will comment in my blog again. If anyone of you tried this, tell me how it taste like.



sleeper said...

food promotion page huh~~ nice blog^^

i havent try, cannot commentlor~~

GG said...

I think I'd rather make my own kopi... At least can experiment.

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