Night shot

According to my friend, he told me 19/3/2011 the nearest distance between moon and earth (every 19 years only can see it), so they called it as 'Super moon night'.

If end of the world is not happen in year 2012, then the next super moon will happen in year 2030 (I will turn 43 years old during that time....wokay I can't image how I look like when I am 43)

Herer come the SUPER MOON pic!! tadah!!!





WTF so small!! So sorry, the max distance that I can capture with my lens

After cropped from the above pic, still very blur

I tried another effect, Moon Ray.... (Actually the hexagon effect is because of dirt on my lens =.=|||)

Alright! changed my plan again.... writing the words with torch light


I wrote every alphabet myself without anyone help okay..... hahaha
My torch light writing kinda bad, I need practice for this.

Changed my plan again, star shooting

Hmmmmmm...... much better right (at least something more acceptable compare with those pics above)

Next task, vehicle light line

Hate that stupid car...... grrrrrr

Shhhooooooooooooo~~ (self added sound effect =P)

Seriously, I need to practice my night shot skill!!

Take a look for this night shot pic (taken by Mr. Kevin Tan)

He hold the DSLR not even more than 1 week, but seem like his result is better than me A LOT!!! *speechless*


sleeper said...

en? sin hooi love kevin huh?

hee hee.. nice oo star shoot.. i wan shoot star also.

p/s: lao poh, is 19/3, ur date write wrong liao

Devella said...

Thanks for the remind lao gong~~~ hehehehe

Find 1 day we go shooting star =D

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