Titan's Birthday

The actual day for Titan's birthday is on 6/4, but we celebrate with him on 8/4 =D

Venue: Mad hospital restaurant, JB
No. of people attend: 8

We all have been quarantined

Forks and knifes

The birthday boy

His China friend, 'xiao diao'

His China friend too, 'Li na', I missed to take her bf pic *smack my forehead*

Here comes the foods picture with the damn weird Chinese names

Fried fillet (食人鱼扒, translated as Grilled piranhas

Carbonara spaghetti (雪白白意大利面, translated as Snow white pasta

Black pepper chicken chop (黑人鸡扒, translated as Black people chicken chop)

Tomato spaghetti? (血淋淋意大利面, translated as Bloody spaghetti)

Teriyaki sauce chicken chop (武士鸡扒, translated as Samurai chicken chop)

Everyone on the table sure have a glass of wine and drink

After the dinner, we all play Jinga

Arrrrrr, FALL!!!

We changed to another version of Jinga, this one is even more fun and interesting

Every block has printed the task for you to complete

Show time!

Punishment moment!!

Task: Follow the people who sit opposite of you, then follow what that person do.

Result: Lick the potato wedges

Task: Ask someone draw your face with lipstick

Result: No lipstick, we use tomato sauce

Task: Call your parent and say 'Thank you'

Result: She called her mum and said 'Thank you' (I bet her mum sure get shocked)

Every punishment recorded in video

Task: Make a silly face to everyone

Result: Blek~~~~

Task: Kiss anyone of the opposite sex in your table

Result: Muack!!!

Task: Look at the person on your left for 30 secs

Result: I can see the spark! hahahaha

After played the mad game, we almost forgot about the cake LOL

Tadah! the birthday cake from secret recipe

Birthday boy with his cake

Captain Davy Jones?! (The octopus look captain in Pirate of the Caribbean 3)

Cutting the cake

Wear the funny caps

Smile =D


Dividing the cake


Photography section:

Lastly, Happy 21st Birthday to you Mr. Titan, hope that you have a great birthday in Malaysia

Seem like he is kinda happy =P


sirNyokism said...

hey nice entry friend! =D

Devella said...

Thanks Nyok =D you have a nice blog too =D

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