One day at IPC shopping center

After the lunch with my sis at the curve, I had a short tour at IKEA, the curve and Ikano Power Center

My lunch, yummy!!!

SMURF!!!! Awwwww cute!!

Zoom in for Smurf

This 3 Smurfs look a bit weird...... I guess they are too tall

Hyper active chipmuck, damn hard to capture a nice pic of them

Lightning McQueen

Mater~ love his rabbit teeth =B

That's all~ LOL

(write this post to show that my blog not yet tutup!!)


sleeper said...


Devella said...

Where got tutup kedai, tutup your mulut!! =P

Thristhan said...

Smurfssss, so cute :). Was wondering where IPC was, until I realised they were better known as Ikea Power Centre. Great photos.

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