Hugo Just Different Event

I have been invited by P&G to attend Hugo Just Different Event @ Rootz KL (Lot 10) *Woohoooooo, yea!!* (Last year I missed Boss Bottled Night event)

This is my invitation for the Hugo Boss new fragrance launch event.

Outside of the Rootz with several Hugo Boss light balloons

The Rootz @ Lot 10

Before enter the club, we need to pass by the corridor which decorated with mirrors and lights

Poster of Jared Leto with Hugo Just Different fragrance

DJ stage

Overall of stage view

Bar counters

Seats beside the stage

Bloggers zone, Sam & Jloi

Foooood.... egg roll with caviar on top

Tuna sushi

Guest in the club

Emcee of the night Julia & Josiah

P&G Malaysia's country manager

Opening dance by elecoldxhot

3D projection on BIG Hugo Just Different bottle

You can take a look for the video (click the link below), check out the entire 3D projection video for Hugo Boss new fragrance.

I love the way they present their new fragrance, really just different!! SWAT team members gotta protect the pretty ladies who took the box with Hugo Just Different fragrance

Take a closer look for the box

Another pretty lady (SWAT at the back)

First winner for the game section

Handsome guy posed with Hugo Boss fragrance

Julia with Hugo Just Different fragrance

Crystal ball performance

Kung fu time! hai-ya!!

All the contestants gotta 'Watch and learn' how to play martial art

Hoo hoo!! haa haa!! contestants get shocked

Contestant no.1

Contestant no.2

Contestant no.3

Contestant no.4 (Look at Sam's face expression)

Another 8 packs kung fu man.... hoooooyaaaa!!!

Woohoo!! Look at his muscles!!

Celebrities with two hot hot kung fu men

Elecoldxhot with kung fu man

Elecoldxhot and moi (spotted Taeyang's bro, Taepeng LOL [first person on right])

Sexy and pretty hot models

While waiting for next round to enter the club (public joined in), we took the picture outside the Rootz

Ladies in RED vs Men in BLACK (P&G team and moi)

Are you ready for the hot and awesome night?

Large crowd of people in the club for Hugo Just Different event!!!

Party people!!! Yeaaa!!

DJ spinning hot music

FULL of party people

Ladies in RED (alcohol rate = 30%)

Ladies with dance pole (alcohol rate = 75%)

Sista =D

Finally, yours truly (Special thanks to Noel Gosiengfiao for this photo) ;P

Thanks to P&G for inviting me as one of the guest in Hugo Just Different private party


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