Cupcake day

First trial for baking cupcake

- 1 pack of pre-mix baking powder (500 gram)
- 4 eggs
- 250 gram of butter
- icing sugar
- cupcake cup

Combine pre-mix baking powder, egg and butter in a large mixing bowl. Beat on high speed for 10 - 15 min until well mixed.

Place the well mixed ingredient in to cupcake cup

Don't forget to preheat your oven with 180°C for 10 min

In oven *puffff*

Tadah!!! cupcake!! simple yet delicious

Cupcake with icing sugar deco (Designed by Teko)

The cupcake deco designer

Another masterpiece of him, Mushroom series, awesome and cute right? =D

Stay tune for my 2nd cupcake post XOxoXO ;)


sleeper said...

wao!! cupcake QUEEN!!!

i love you!!

Devella said...

LOL..... Thank you thank you XD

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