Tadah~ My new toy

I would like to introduce to you all my new toy~ Le White Lumix camera!! *tadah*

Finally I got my own digital camera, special thanks to Mr.Vin for this lovely camera!! 


LEGO Mini-figures!!!

Spotted this cute stuff from Toy'R'Us,
RM9.90 each

Alright, I gonna post about Momo paradise steamboat at Bukit Raja (Celebration for Mother's day)

Everyone got their on pot

Electrical steamboat

You can adjust the heat level yourself

Location of Mo Mo Paradise

My steamboat, yummy!!!!

Unlimited pork and beef slice

Eat all you can!

Dip the pork slice with raw egg = superb!!

All right, that's all for now, will update my blog 
soon (since I got my new camera =D )


sleeper said...

wah! got camera, got lego. so happy huh

Cant wait for your more coming post. Support!

Devella said...

yup..... =D *happy happy*

sleeper said...

hee~ sayang huh

Devella said...


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