Weekend Shopping

Every weekend is the shopping day for me =D

Recently my bro and I addicted to Lego. When we're shopping together, we definitely search for Lego new products (especially Lego Mini-figures)

Alright! photos time~

Spotted this IRON MAN Lego (very nice!!!)

Captain America Lego
Avengers Lego
These tiny little cute animals toys ~

So kawaii ~ 

Baby Nursery

Cuties in the house

Decorate the cake with cream and sprinkles (but not edible) 

Yummy ~

You can make it as key chain deco

Darth Vader LED Torch!!! but very expensive T-T

Darth Vader : I'm Your FATHER
Me : I will bring you back home one day T-T

Spotted this book in Popular bookstore, le awesome starwars book

Sakae sushi

手巻き (hand roll)

Japanese steamboat with Salmon head

My favorite food, 緑茶そば (green tea soba) 

Grill fish, not much special

Japanese Food Fair in Paradigm Mall, BIG cup noodle

とんがりコーン (Tongari Corn), my Japanese friend told me you need to put 
snack on your fingers then eat it, hahahah so cute >o<

ノリ (seaweed)

キャンディ  (Candies)

My favorite noodle all the time, 出前一丁


Ice cream

Paradigm Mall, very crowded


Garden Restaurant

On the way walk to The curve

Laser light on the floor

Royal Bintang Hotel, I should pay a visit there one day
*pray for something* hahahaha

Alright, that's all for now, update my blog post soon



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